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New Blog Giveaway…in honor of Springs Eminent Arrival… Go to the Feb. 22 post to see this beauty.


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Tina just got the newest member of the family carved. She is awaiting her coloration..She hasn’t told us her name yet, but we are thinking we hear something that sounds like Flora. If that happens to be the name, we will let you know. Hitty Hugs, Ernestina

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No time like the present

I have been terrible at keeping my blog up.. Hitty Ernestina has been nagging me to get with it.. So I am going to try my best to get back at it.. Right now I am rearranging the craft cave.. So until that is done.. I may go amiss.. I will return with some new updates.. I think I will try to do a weekly update and go from there..
I lead a rather boring life to most.. So to keep it interesting, once a week will have to do.
Hitty Hugs, Tina & The Rock Bottom Hittys

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