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I wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving! I have no pitcures today. I hope to get some soon. Maybe enjoying our first Thanksgiving in the Little House. We hitty’s are looking forward to seeing how it all goes. 
They will be having lunch at Tommy’s mom and dad’s. I hope we get to go. Or at least one of us, that way we can see for ourselves.

So to anyone who visits my blog/journal… Please remember to drive safe and eat lots… be thankful. I know I am and my people are also.

Hugs, Ernestina


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I thought I would show you the table and chairs we have been given. It isn’t stained and sealed but Tina will get that done really soon.  I am so happy with it.  I had thought for a while that she was not going to do things we needed the most.. But now I see she has our best interest at heart.  I am looking forward to my first Christmas… It will be something to learn all about such a wonderous event.

Have a great day, Hitty Ernestina

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New items arrived

I have to share with you the new things I have recieved in the past few days.

Molly stands beside the drysink

Molly stands beside the drysink

And here is the wood cookstove minus the stovepipe. We should be cooking soon.
Wood Cookstove

Wood Cookstove


O' Christmas Tree


Last but not least… We have our Christmas tree, it did cause a little uproar when Tina first gave it to us, as we saw we needed the stove and sink and other things first. But after we looked at it a while and really thought about the meaning of Christmas and why we needed a tree… We are just beside ourselves with it. We can’t wait to be able to decorate it the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Hitty Hugs, Ernestina and the Rock Bottom Hittys

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I thought I should send a greeting for everyone to have a Happy Halloween before the day/night is gone.
Tina is a little under the weather and I had to wait for her to get me on here to send a greeting.

Enjoy the night….

Now the countdown til Thanksgiving starts.. Only 27 days and it will be Turkey Day!

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