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I have been busy

I thought I would drop by and let you know, I have been a busy bee.( Keeping Tina on task of finishing my home) I haven’t got any new photo’s to show as of right now. Soon I will add new ones.
Tina has been busy working on things for me. She has a dollbox made and is in the process of staining and sealing it. She hasn’t finished the inside, so I can’t move in just yet. I am living on a shelf in her bedroom at the moment. I spend most of my time though by her side as she works on my needs and wants.

She has made me several things of late, including a log cabin quilt, a teddy bear and a baby doll. She hopes to get my bed ready soon. She hasnn’t decided what style would better suit me. I tried to explain to her, but she sees it her way. I will continue to send messages and hope she makes the bed I want.

I saw her carving a bitty hitty the last few days.  I can’t wait to get acquainted with her. I think her name is Edith. I heard Tina calling her that anyways. I will have to wait and see what she tells me on my first proper meeting.

Have a great day. I am enjoying mine. Each day is a gift to treasure.

Hitty Hugs, Ernestina


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My first outting

This was a new experience for me. I went to the grocery store today. I didn’t get to get out of the purse while shopping,but I did get to meet the lady at the register. Tina knew her,and wanted to introduce me. T.A. didn’t want me to get out. He thought he would be embarrassed. I was on my best behaviour so he was not too upset. He got scolded for putting in all kinds of junk food. Tina said that kind of food was no good for a person. He just laughed.

On the way home, I got to get out and look around at the sites. The way it looked from my point of view…. It looked kinda boring. Not much to see. It was good to be able to get out though. I did hear Tina say we will be going to see the Great Pee Dee river.

I did get to ride on T.A.’s shoulder for a bit. It was exciting, there was little traffic but I enjoyed seeing my first transfer truck. It was huge.

I also heard that I will be getting a mandolin soon. I hope to be able to learn to play it. Tina said, ” It plays some beautiful music.” I will be able to play with T.A. and D. They play the guitar and keyboard. So this should be interesting.

Until next time, I have to go now. I have to rest. This day even though it wasn’t alot sure has taken a toll on me. I will write soon.

Take care, Hitty Ernestina

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This is Ernestina
This is Ernestina

I am going to give my last post before turning this over to Hitty Ernestina… I will be beside her thru her postings and may post as a guest if she should need me to.

I had a great time bringing her out of her wooden blank, sanding, sealing and painting her. I then made her under garments. I think I will have to fine tune the pants for the next pair. 
She is already showing a very sweet persona and has voiced her opinion as to what she wants in the near future. So without further to do…. I bring you Hitty Ernestina.

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I would like to let everyone know, I have been carved and sanded. I am awaiting the varnish seal so I can get some color on my body. I think my person is happy with me, or so it seems. She was grinning from ear to ear when she proclaimed that I was officially ready for the varnish bath.

She forgot to take photo’s of me in the carving process, but promised me she would take one before the varnish bath and during my final makeup is being applied. I guess I will let her, but I am a little modest and might not have those up for everyone to see.

I have to get ready for the big dip so for now, I am Hitty Ernestina. Glad to be in this world and am looking forward to all things I get  see and learn.

X’s & O’s, Ernestina

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One Day Closer

I can only sit and wait and it is so hard . Every thought has Hitty in it.. But the time will come when she will be here and not a moment to soon. 

Hitty I am anxiously awaiting your arrival.

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