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A new beginning

I have a while to wait for Ernestina to appear. You see she is still in transit and also confined in a wooden block. I have to help her emerge from this said block upon her arrival. I do look forward to meeting her and introducing her to whomever may happen upon her blog/journal. She will be given free reign to write about her adventures and such as soon as she feels like it. I do imagine she may have to get acquainted with my family. She is going to be the only¬†Hitty for a few months, but from what I hear it is hard to keep the Hitty’s alone.

I may be doing this a little backward in naming her, but I want to name her in honor of my Daddy, who passed away 2 years ago. I loved him so much and was always amazed at the knowledge he carried and the love he had for everyone. He was truly a great man. Anyways, I hope no one minds me doing the naming a little different. 

I will keep an update on here as to the progress on her. So please come back and check in from time to time. I would love to know someone is following her progress.


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