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Tina just got the newest member of the family carved. She is awaiting her coloration..She hasn’t told us her name yet, but we are thinking we hear something that sounds like Flora. If that happens to be the name, we will let you know. Hitty Hugs, Ernestina

I have been terrible at keeping my blog up.. Hitty Ernestina has been nagging me to get with it.. So I am going to try my best to get back at it.. Right now I am rearranging the craft cave.. So until that is done.. I may go amiss.. I will return with some new updates.. I think I will try to do a weekly update and go from there..
I lead a rather boring life to most.. So to keep it interesting, once a week will have to do.
Hitty Hugs, Tina & The Rock Bottom Hittys

I am so amazed at how I haven’t kept the blog up.  So in the interest of trying to do better.. I am allowing Tina to post today.

I would like to introduce Bella to everyone.. She is the newest member of our Hitty family. She is currently awaiting her clothes, and very patient at that. As I worked on her she was so quiet and somber.. but as soon as the final thread was clipped, she spoke up rather loudly.. saying you can call me Bella. She is from the Gail Wilson Class.

Meet GW Hitty Bella

Meet GW Hitty Bella

We have been baking

Molly and I have been in the kitchen baking all day. We have made apple tunrovers, chocolate chip cookies, she is putting the last of those in the oven now. Oh and I can’t forget the chocolate mocha pinwheels.

I made a gingerbread house. And also tried my hand at making peppermint sticks and canes. I haven’t taken pictures of the candy yet.. But will share with you just how the kitchen looks right now. I do think we  need a bigger house..lol. This kitchen is proving to be a tad small for baking and cooking.

Baking for Christmas

Baking for Christmas

 Off  now to help clean up the kitchen and get the list ready for the Christmas shopping.

Have a blessed day!

Hitty Hugs, Ernestina

I wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving! I have no pitcures today. I hope to get some soon. Maybe enjoying our first Thanksgiving in the Little House. We hitty’s are looking forward to seeing how it all goes. 
They will be having lunch at Tommy’s mom and dad’s. I hope we get to go. Or at least one of us, that way we can see for ourselves.

So to anyone who visits my blog/journal… Please remember to drive safe and eat lots… be thankful. I know I am and my people are also.

Hugs, Ernestina




I thought I would show you the table and chairs we have been given. It isn’t stained and sealed but Tina will get that done really soon.  I am so happy with it.  I had thought for a while that she was not going to do things we needed the most.. But now I see she has our best interest at heart.  I am looking forward to my first Christmas… It will be something to learn all about such a wonderous event.

Have a great day, Hitty Ernestina